all purpose pipe repair kit

FIXAPIPE Retail Product

FIXAPIPE delivers superior adhesion and can be used on a variety of pipes including; metal, concrete, galvanised, ceramic, fibreglass, polypropylene, steel, rubber, stainless steel and copper. FIXAPIPE can be used on wet, dry, clean, broken, corroded and leaking pipes; FIXAPIPE Bandage will even set under water.

The internal spool on FIXAPIPE Bandage makes it easier to apply around difficult shapes including straight lengths, tee and elbow joints, couplings and clamps and reduces roll wastage. The Industrial FIXAPIPE Pipe Repair Kit includes 54g of FIXAPIPE Steel Putty. FIXAPIPE Steel Putty is hand-mixable, non-rusting, steel-reinforced epoxy putty that can moulded into any shape to fill voids, cracks or holes to form an industrial strength polymer compound. As each stick contains a pre-measured portion of activator and base throughout – no measuring or mixing tools are required.

Product Code Sizing
71978-45 FIXAPIPE 5cm x 3.6m
71978-46 FIXAPIPE 7.5cm x 3.6m
71978-47 FIXAPIPE 10cm x 3.6m
71978-48 FIXAPIPE 10cm x 4.9m